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Fig. 2

From: Map-based cloning of a recessive gene v1 for virescent leaf expression in cotton (Gossypium spp.)

Fig. 2

Genetic and physical maps of the v1 gene and sequence analysis of the candidate gene on chromosome 20 of the D subgenome in cotton. a Linkage map of the scaffold assembled using 1 200 selected individuals from population I. v1 was mapped between VS2 and VS3 markers at around 275 kb. b Additional mapping of v1. v1 was further mapped to a 100 kb interval by VS13 and VS14 with the recombinants in population II. c Candidate region for v1 and predicted gene. Candidate region for v1 was identified between VS18 and VS19 at about 20 kb. One gene was found in that region. Numbers of recombinants between v1 and markers were presented under the linkage map. d Sequence comparisons of the candidate gene in 3–79 and T582. SNPs at the sequence positions of 426, 450, 709 and 1 082 were shared by 3–79 and T582

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