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Fig. 1

From: Comparative transcriptome study provides insights into acquisition of embryogenic ability in upland cotton during somatic embryogenesis

Fig. 1

Non-embryogenic callus (NEC) and embryogenic callus (EC) tissues morphology of CCRI 12 and CCRI 24. NEC were induced from hypocotyl segment after 40 days culture on calli induction medium. a NEC of recalcitrant cultivar CCRI 12, represented as AN. b NEC of highly embryogenic cultivar CCRI 24, represented as BN. NEC were subcultured on medium with 1/10 of hormones to generate EC. c EC of recalcitrant cultivar CCRI 12 (after subculturing for five times), represented as AE. d EC of highly embryogenic cultivar CCRI 24 (after subculturing for three times), represented as BE

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