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Table 3 The effect of application of 5 amino acids and 21 amino acids on flower soluble protein and amino acid content of the two Bt cotton cultivars at flowering period

From: Amino acids application enhances flowers insecticidal protein content in Bt cotton

Treatment Soluble protein content in fresh weight /(μmol·g−1·h− 1) Amino acid content in fresh weight /(μmol·g− 1·h− 1)
2016 2017 2016 2017
S1CK 1.7e 0.7d 5.8cd 2.8c
S1A1 2.9c 1.0cd 6.5bc 4.5b
S1A2 3.0bc 1.2c 6.7b 5.1b
S3CK 2.2d 2.3b 5.5d 4.9b
S3A1 3.5ab 2.8a 8.1a 6.9a
S3A2 3.7a 3.0a 8.6a 7.3a
  1. Note: S1 and S2 indicate the conventional Bt cultivar Sikang1 and hybrid Bt cultivar Sikang 3, respectively. A1, A2, CK represent 5 amino acids treatment, 21 amino acids treatment, and the control, respectively. Differences between treatments within the same year labeled by the same letter are statistically not significant (LSD test at 0.05 significance level)