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Fig. 6

From: Feasibility assessment of phenotyping cotton fiber maturity using infrared spectroscopy and algorithms for genotyping analyses

Fig. 6

Scatter dot plot of the 2nd set cotton materials comparing phenotypes with genotypes. Comparisons of the genotypes with the observed MIC phenotypes (a), the observed lint percentage phenotype (b), and the observed IR maturity MIR values (c). Genotypes of the 80 F2 progeny plants were classified into WT-homo (20 plants), WT-hetro (40 plants), and im-homo (20 plants) by genetic markers, and presented along the horizontal axis. Phenotypes were measured by MIC, lint percentage or MIR values, and compared with their genotypes. Threshold values were presented as a dashed line for classifying WT phenotype from im phenotype. N, numbers; U.M. unmeasurable

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