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Table 2 Advantages and disadvantages of ground-based and aerial-based types of platforms for cotton phenotyping

From: High-throughput phenotyping in cotton: a review

Platform type Advantages Disadvantages References
Ground-based Structure stability, minimized bias in sample selection, good spatial resolution Difficulty in maneuvering particularly when the plant row spacing is limited or when the soil is wet, long time to cover a whole experiment Andrade-Sanchez et al. 2014; Araus and Cairns 2014; Condorelli et al. 2018; McCarthy et al. 2010; Xu et al. 2018b
Aerial-based Large coverage of sampling area, data collection can be done in a very short amount of time Shorter flight time, lower payload, greater sensitivity to weather conditions, and weaker wind resistance, spatial resolution depends on speed and altitude Han et al. 2018; Herwitz et al. 2004; Shi et al. 2016; Wang et al. 2018; Xu et al. 2019; Zhang and Kovacs 2012; Ziliani et al. 2018