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Table 1 Results of ANOVA (Analysis of variance) on the effects of experimental site (St), cotton growth stage (S), treatment (T) and their interactions on WSOC/SOC, MBC/SOC, WIN/TN, MBN/TN and MBC/MBN ratios, cellulose-decomposing bacteria amounts (CDBA), cellulase (CE), β-glucosidase (β-GE) and arylamidase (AE) activities

From: Comparative effects of crop residue incorporation and inorganic potassium fertilization on soil C and N characteristics and microbial activities in cotton field

St × S29.35**41.08**38.42**25.22**2.78*0.222.85*9.19**18.99**3
St × T0.491.751.361.221.681.140.130.400.825
S × T5.63**1.95*5.75**4.07**4.85**1.96*1.533.64**3.27**15
St × S × T0.610.490.700.680.741.320.271.081.5715
  1. WSOC, water-soluble organic carbon content; SOC, soil organic carbon; MBC, microbial biomass carbon; WIN, water inorganic nitrogen; TN, total nitrogen; MBN, microbial biomass nitrogen; MBC, microbial biomass carbon
  2. F values and significance levels (**P < 0.01, *P < 0.05)