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Table 3 Within-plant genotypic variance in distribution of 13C- photosynthate to different organs after 72 h of 13C-labeling at the early flowering, peak flowering, and peak boll-setting stages /%

From: Genotypic variance in 13C-photosynthate partitioning and within-plant boll distribution in cotton

Growth stageCultivarVegetative organReproductive organ
Early flowering stageJ1698.35 b25.41 a10.35 b48.73 a92.84 a7.16 b
L218.30 b26.46 a11.12 a45.56 b91.44 a8.56 a
99B9.04 a25.35 a8.96 c49.86 a93.20 a6.80 b
Peak flowering stageJ1696.69 b26.62 b13.27 a43.40 a89.98 a10.02 b
L217.13 ab29.17 a11.96 b39.59 b87.86 a12.14 a
99B7.59 a27.91 ab13.02 a42.03 a90.55 a9.45 c
Peak boll-setting stageJ1694.41 c19.15 a9.81 b28.24 a61.61 ab38.39 a
L215.17 b18.41 a8.55 c28.11 a60.24 b39.76 a
99B5.62 a18.89 a10.70 a29.48 a64.70 a35.30 b
  1. a, b, and c Values are mean±standard deviation. Values followed by a different small letter within same row are significantly different in a column at 0.05 probability level