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Table 4 Within-plant genotypic variance in 13C-photosynthate partitioning in bolls depending on position and node after 72 h 13C-labeling at the early flowering, peak flowering, and peak boll-setting stages /(%)

From: Genotypic variance in 13C-photosynthate partitioning and within-plant boll distribution in cotton

Growth stageCultivarVertical distributionHorizontal distribution
Early flowering stageJ16966.83 b28.82 a4.35 a80.68 ab19.32 b
L2176.36 a21.28 c2.36 c82.65 a17.35 c
99B70.10 b26.39 b3.51 b76.85 b23.15 a
Peak flowering stageJ16960.16 b26.08 a13.76 a86.99 a13.01 c
L2166.46 a23.45 b10.09 b83.88 a16.12 b
99B62.35 b26.81 a10.84 b79.17 b20.83 a
Peak boll-setting stageJ16956.91 b32.41 b10.69 a96.45 a3.55 b
L2157.38 b37.42 a5.20 b97.32 a2.68 c
99B77.03 a20.30 c2.67 c87.04 b12.96 a
  1. a, b, and c Values are mean±standard deviation. Values followed by a different small letter within same row are significantly different in a column at 0.05 probability level