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Table 5 Within-plant genotypic variance in distribution of 13C-photosynthate to different organs during the period of early flowering to boll-opening stage, the peak flowering to boll-opening stage, and the peak boll-setting to boll-opening stage /%

From: Genotypic variance in 13C-photosynthate partitioning and within-plant boll distribution in cotton

 Growth periodEarly flowering – boll-opening stagePeak flowering – boll-opening stagePeak boll-setting – boll-opening stage
Vegetative organsRoot5.22 a5.15 a4.20 b10.20 b13.78 a7.83 c15.27 b22.82 a14.20 c
Stem14.63 b16.39 a16.22 a17.87 b19.15 a17.54 b19.03 b21.81 a20.13 b
Fruit branch6.77 c7.92 b14.24 a10.58 a8.83 b9.12 b10.11 a8.99 c9.55 b
Leaf7.91 a1.86 c4.39 b11.69 a6.37 b6.64 b11.55 b13.77 a11.77 b
Redundant shoot3.66 c5.69 b6.83 a4.74 c5.02 b7.19 a6.90 c7.43 b8.53 a
Total38.19 b37.02 b45.88 a48.81 a44.68 b43.55 b53.09 b59.18 a54.87 b
Reproductive organsShell10.10 b9.77 b11.79 a8.17 b10.00 a10.07 a8.00 a8.07 a7.53 a
Fiber11.31 a10.84 a7.97 b8.61 b8.93 b9.65 a9.31 a7.74 b9.17 a
Seed19.70 a15.45 b16.05 b17.60 a15.46 b16.23 b17.30 a14.93 b17.55 a
Total41.11 a36.03 b35.81 b34.38 a34.39 a35.95 a34.61 a30.74 b34.25 a
Shedding organsLeaf16.10 b20.72 a14.16 c12.65 b16.81 a17.39 a10.84 a9.36 b10.69 a
Corolla1.31 c2.22 a1.50 b0.94 b1.36 a0.81 c
Fruit3.28 b4.01 a2.64 c3.22 a2.77 b2.30 c1.46 a0.72 b0.19 c
Total20.69 b26.95 a18.30 c16.81 b20.93 a20.50 a12.30 a10.08 c10.88 b
  1. a, b, and c Values are mean±standard deviation. Values followed by a different small letter within same row are significantly different in a column at 0.05 probability level