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Table 1 Reproductive organ biomass accumulation and ratio of reproductive organ biomass to total biomass (RRT) in 2012 and 2013

From: The effects of straw-returning and inorganic K fertilizer on the carbon–nitrogen balance and reproductive growth of cotton

Treatment 2012 2013
Reproductive organ biomass/(kg·ha−1) RRT/% Reproductive organ biomass/(kg·ha−1) RRT/%
CK 1 959.4 b 43.4 c 2 181.7 b 46.4 c
K150 3 679.4 a 45.2 b 4 403.4 a 50.0 b
W9000 3 691.6 a 47.2 a 4 480.0 a 52.7 a
  1. CK, no crop straw and K fertilizer were applied as the blank control treatment; K150, 150 kg·ha−1 K2O was applied before transplanting the cotton seedlings; and W9000, 9000 kg·ha−1 wheat straw was crushed and incorporated in 010 cm soil before transplanting. Values followed by different letters within the same column are significantly different at P = 0.05. Each value represents the mean of three replications