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Table 1 The number of Rho genes in 8 cotton species

From: Genome-wide characterization of the Rho family in cotton provides insights into fiber development

Species Subgenome Number
G. herbaceum A1 157
G. arboreum A2 144
G. raimondii D5 164
G. hirustum At1 138
G. barbadense At2 168
G. tomentosum At3 169
G. mustelinum At4 165
G. darwinii At5 170
G. hirustum Dt1 143
G. barbadense Dt2 159
G. tomentosum Dt3 164
G. mustelinum Dt4 163
G. darwinii Dt5 162
  1. For tetrapploids, the number of Rho family members within A and D sub-genomes were calculated seperately