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Table 2 Distribution of 100 cotton genotypes into ten clusters

From: Evaluation of genetic diversity in short duration cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Clusters Number of genotypes Name of genotypes
I 10 BC-0073, BC-0074, BC-0075, BC-0211, Win all 5, SR/L-17, SR/L-26, SR/L-30, SR/L-47, SR/L-55
II 8 BC-0113, BC-0292, BC-0293, BC-0319, BC-0332, BC-0335, BC-0349, BC-0353
III 16 BC-0002, BC-0168, BC-0232, BC-0236, BC-0244, BC-0259, BC-0270, BC-0272, BC-0273, BC-0281, BC-0283, BC-0289, BC-0291, BC-0303, BC-0337, BC-0372
IV 10 BC-0231, BC-0295, BC-0301, BC-3004, BC-0305, BC-0358, CB-9, CB-10, CB-12, CB-13
V 9 BC-0112, BC-0276, BC-0312, BC-0316, BC-0318, BC-0331, BC-0369, BC-0374, SR/L-42
VI 9 BC-0333, BC-0354, BC-0355, BC-0359, BC-0362, BC-0366, BC-0378, BC-0383, CB-14
VII 10 BC-0111, BC-0119, BC-0278, BC-0279, BC-0286, BC-0308, BC-0314, BC-0322, BC-0376, BC-0382
VIII 8 BC-0386, BC-0390, BC-0469, BC-0476, BC-0480, BC-0481, BC-0495, SR/L-51
IX 13 BC-0037, BC-0306, BC-0470, BC-0475, BC-0482, BC-0483, BC-0492, BC-0496, BC-0501, BC-0505, Win all 6, SR/L-36, SR/L-56
X 7 BC-0294, BC-0375, BC-0493, BC-0497, BC-0502, SR-15, SR/L-14