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Genome editing in cotton: challenges and opportunities
Cite this article: Khan, Z., Khan, S.H., Ahmed, A. et al. Genome editing in cotton: challenges and opportunities. J Cotton Res 6, 3 (2023).

Aims and Scope

The journal sets out to unite researchers conducting cotton research in agricultural, biological, bioengineering and material fields. Publications shall contribute to promote multidisciplinary development of cotton science and technology. 

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Article-processing charges: The publication costs for Journal of Cotton Research are covered by the Institute of Cotton Research (ICR, CAAS) so authors do not need to pay an article-processing charge.

  1. Authors: Zulqurnain Khan, Sultan Habibullah Khan, Aftab Ahmed, Muhammad Umar Iqbal, Muhammad Salman Mubarik, Muhammad Zubair Ghouri, Furqan Ahmad, Saba Yaseen, Zulfiqar Ali, Asif Ali Khan and Muhammad Tehseen Azhar

Thematic Series

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This thematic series aims to report new progress, achievement, methodology, standards, database, and software about cotton germplasm. 

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Published collections

Cotton High Speed Phenotyping
Functional Genomics and Biotechnology
Physiology and Pathology

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eISSN: 2523-3254
pISSN: 2096-5044 
CN: 41-1451/S