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Thematic Series Call for Paper

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Xiongming DU

Germplasm has always been the key resource for plant improvement and is becoming the bottleneck to encounter the challenges in revitalization of seed production industry. With the fast-evolving techniques and methods in the past decades, the studies towards identification, evaluation, construction, restoration, conservation and creation of cotton germplasm have gained many breakthroughs worldwide. Here, Journal of Cotton Research is hosting the Germplasm thematic series, calling for original research articles and reviews of new progress, achievement, methodology, standards, database, and software about cotton germplasm.

Topics are included but not limited as following:

1. Genomic/phenotypic structure analysis/evaluation of cotton germplasm
2. Techniques/methodology/database/software on collection, conservation and identification and improving of cotton germplasm on regional or worldwide scale.
3. Elite allele and related gene mining, gene regulatory network and functional genomic study
4. Progress in breeding and utilization of germplasm resources in cotton.

Submission deadline: 30 June 2024

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Articles in the series will be available on this page upon online.