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Table 1 Plant materials information

From: Screening and evaluation of reliable traits of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes for salt tolerance at the seedling growth stage

NamesBackgroundSalt response in the sand pond
Z9807This line derived from CCRI 7Tolerant
Z0710This line derived from YU 2067Tolerant
Z1910A hybrid progeny crossing between Ji851 and GKZ19Tolerant
Z0228A hybrid offspring breeding between Ji Mian228 and 9807Tolerant
Z7514A hybrid offspring crossing between Ji Mian616 and Ji Mian228Tolerant
Z7516The line obtained from crossing between Yu Zao 97-1335 and Yu 2067Tolerant
Z7526Derived from Zhong 75-y-17Tolerant
Z0102Crossing between Zhong 9807 and Zhong 9612 (F2 generation breeding). Recombinant Inbred Lines formed by multi-generation selfingSensitive
Z9612Selected from CCRI 12Sensitive
Z7780The progeny of GK50Sensitive
Z9648Breeding between GK50 and SGK36Sensitive