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Table 2 Transcriptome dataset used in this study

From: Genome-wide characterization of the Rho family in cotton provides insights into fiber development

Data accession Sample name Time /DPA Tissue Phenotype
SRR6379580 69-6025-12 5 Fiber Short fiber
SRR5992414 69-6025-12 0 Ovule Short fiber
SRR6379578 69-6025-12 10 Fiber Short fiber
SRR6379579 69-6025-12 10 Ovule Short fiber
SRR6379574 601 long stapled cotton 10 Fiber Long fiber
SRR6379575 601 long stapled cotton 10 Ovule Long fiber
SRR6379576 601 long stapled cotton 0 Ovule Long fiber
SRR6379577 601 long stapled cotton 5 Fiber Long fiber
  1. The basic information about transcriptome dataset, including data accession, sample name, tissue, time of tissue and phenotype was recorded